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Stories written by food:
Neugrün's chefs create menus where the familiar mixes with fresh impulses. Food awakens old memories while simultaneously creating new ones. Cooking in multiple courses is close to our hearts, as it allows us to give each ingredient from forest, meadow, and water its own space. Thus, we cook a 6-course menu from WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY. Neugrün's chefs are part of today's culinary Berlin, acting as down-to-earth pioneers who blend memory and the present into a culinary moment. Cooking is our contribution to the daily engagement with our external world: the climate, the products, society, politics. Passion for us means incorporating this engagement into our daily cooking, and that's why cooking with predominantly regional products is so enticing, as we work with the individual story of the region and provide space for memories. It's a delight to let the senses run free while eating and cooking, to trust, to follow associations. And sometimes, we manage to link our story with your memories over the course of a menu and to make a new entry in your culinary memory.
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